Coffee & Tea & More


serving handcrafted Coava* coffee in the Portland style, one 1.5-2oz double shot of espresso, with varying amounts of milk and water added. In this style, the flavor profile of the drink varies by size. Typical Portland sizes are Sm-6oz, Med-8oz, Lg-12oz.

      • CAPPUCCINO ($3.50)
        one 1.5-2oz shot of espresso topped with another 3.5-4oz of aerated milk steamed to 135 degrees fahrenheit
      • MACCHIATO ($3.50)
        one 1.
      • CORTADO ($3.50)
      • ESPRESSO ($2.75) one 1.5-2oz shot of espresso
      • ITALIANO
      • AMERICANO ($2.75)
        one 1.5-2oz shot of espresso floated on top of hot water – for a drink the strength of brewed american coffee but with the flavor profile of espresso, further opened up and expanded by the water
      • DRIP COFFEE ($2/2.50/3)
      • LATTE ($3.25)
        one 1.5-2oz shot of espresso topped with another 5.5-12oz of aerated milk steamed to 165 degrees fahrenheit
      • MOCHA ($3.50)
        one 1.5-2oz shot of espresso, .5oz chocolate sauce, topped with another 5.5-12oz of aerated milk steamed to 165 degrees fahrenheit
      • POUR OVER ($4)
      • COLD BREW ($3/4)

We proudly use Sunshine Dairy** to craft our milk drinks. We have Half&Half for Breve, Soy, Almond and Coconut alternative milks on hand

*Coava Coffee is a full picture roaster on both ends of its business model, operating at world class scale while excelling at individual relationships. Working with friends is the best! And founder Matt fueled bootstrapped the company into existence by wrenching on motorcycles, so bonus points.

** Sunshine Dairy has been serving Portland in Kerns and NE since 1935, and in response to customer inquiry, led the region in 2001 with a commitment to rBST growth hormone free milk. Sunshine’s milk comes primarily from family farmers who manage small to mid-sized farms in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and the Yakima Valley and Chehalis in Washington.


Jasmine Pearl*, ($2.50)

  • BLACK | Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Bombay Breakfast
  • WHITE | White Peony
  • GREEN | Tranquility, Matcha Latte ($3/3.5/4)
  • HERBAL | Feel Better Blend, Honey Cup

* Jasmine Pearl is another world class business based in Portland. They import and handblend small batch loose leaf teas.

One Stripe Chai**

  • CHAI LATTE  ($3.50, 3.75, 4.00)
  • DIRTY CHAI  ($4.50/4.75/5)

** One Stripe is an incredible example of the value that comes of #CommunityNotCompetition. Begun and produced out of the TaborSpace collaborative in the North Tabor neighborhood of Portland, the sweet and spicy chai blends are gorgeous metaphor for the complex beauty that arises from attention and care. 


KOMBUCHA | Lionheart* – rotating flavors ($3/$4)

* Lionheart is a dry style scoby fermented tea hand brewed in North Portland, traditionally brewed with the “Mother” using wine-making equipment and techniques.  Each flavor is made with whole ingredients such as fresh ginger and herbs, and some feature Oregon-grown berries.